Curriculum Vitae

2013-04 – dato: IT Consultant (Freelance)

2007-01 – 2013-03: Research/Teaching Assistant

University of Passau, Chair for Information Management, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Freitag. → Link

Degree: PhD (Grade: 1.3, scale from 1 – 5).

Doctoral thesis on "Semantic Processing of Digital Documents". → Link

2012-10 – 2013-02: Lecture Assistance "Programming II"

Bachelor-level lecture on programming principles and techniques.

2008-01 – 2011-12: Research Project "Verdikt"

Research project on formal verification of consistency properties for documents. Supported by grants by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for three research assistants for three years. → Link

2010-10 – 2011-02: Lecture Assistance "Semantic Technologies"

Master-level lecture on formal semantics and semantic web technologies.

2008-05-30: Workshop Organisation "Verdikt"

Invited speakers from several German universities and research institutes.

2007-01 – 2007-12: Work on the Intelec Project

Campus management system. → Link

Work on complex pre-condition webs in study programs.


Supervision of master's theses (3), bachelor's theses (9), and seminars.

Writing of grant-requests for the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG).

Service on Faculty Council.

Presentations at small and mid-level companies (KMUs) and at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

2010-04 – 2013-07: Trainer Ballroom Dancing

Varsity dancing trainer (standard ballroom/latin). → Link

1999-10 – 2006-12: Student (Computer Science)

University of Passau (Passau, Germany). → Link

Graduation: Diploma (avg. Grade: 1.3, scale from 1 – 5).

Diploma thesis on "Model Checking with Temporal Description Logics". → Link

2004-10 – 2005-06: Visiting Student (Computer Science)

University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, United Kingdom). → Link

Master-level courses (avg. Grade: A, scale from A – F).

Tuition scholarship.

2003-04 – 2004-04: Project Studies "Multimedia Engineering"

Design and creation of e-learning material.

2001-11 – 2004-08: Student Assistant

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Freitag, Prof. Dr. Werner Grass.

1999-08: Web Designer

Intra-web design and maintenance at Siemens (Essen, Germany).

1990-08 – 1999-06: Student (Secondary School/Gymnasium)

Graduation: Abitur (avg. Grade: 2.1, scale from 1 – 6)

Abtei Gymnasium (Duisburg, Germany).